About this blog




 a person who collects or has a great love of books.


This word that I choose to identify myself as comes from two Greek words: biblion meaning book and philos meaning loving. They came together in the early 19th century to have a French child that was called bibliophile meaning book lover. I selected this word to represent my sincere admiration of the written word. While I could have used logophile (word lover) as I have a deep fondness for vocabulary, I felt like describing myself as a book lover to concentrate on my favorite use for words.

With this blog I intend to enlighten, inform, humor and provoke my readers to think. Most of what I write are themes/ideas that have passed through the ages, but are now to be interpreted through the mind of an eager English major in the overwhelming throes of college. From this blog, I will always strive to use the English language as it has been developed to be utilized. Note, I am learning new words every day as the English Language has proved itself to be quite expansive.  I am proud to be a lifelong student and dearly hope to infect others with the same love for knowledge.

Some reoccurring themes that will be present in this blog will be the cry to read, the power of thinking, the need to grow as individuals and the importance of forming one’s own opinion. The posts of this blog are not intended to become your ideals or concrete definitions, rather think of each post as the turning of dirt in your mind. As in gardening where that exercise allows nutritious oxygen to permeate the soil, you will discover that reading also provides much-needed nutrition for the mind.

I hope that my brilliant thoughts, ideas and captivating anecdotes create sparks in your glorious, intricate minds. If this happens, and you feel so compelled, please share your opinions and ideas regarding the posts of this blog in the comment section below.

I would like to thank you all for stopping by and I’ll see you again in the next chapter.


“She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live” ~ Annie Dillard



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